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  • Address: 10th of Ramadan,
    Ordonia district, masrya center mall NO.3

  • Call Us: (+2) 01000878784

AcuLink 710

Connects Accuenergy Meters and third party sensors/devices to external enterprise IP-based systems for energy management, demand response and SmartGrid programs

  • - Connect field-deployed devices to servers and log/present information
  • - Accesses device data from remote sites
  • - View real-time performance across multiple sites and devices.
  • - Monitor renewable energy performance and production
  • - Monitor performance of critical systems such as lighting, HVAC, PDUs, inverters, etc
  • - Track energy use and peak demand
  • - Threshold alarm notification
  • - Great for measurement and verification (M&V) LEED/ Energy start certification

  • Category :Electrical products